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These materials and resources provide the information you and your students need about admission requirements, selection processes, the undergraduate application and more.

Factsheets, guides and memos

This resource library includes downloadable, printable documents and resources to help you advise all UC applicants. 

Transcript Resources

The Transcript resource page combines information on what documents UC requires, how to submit documents and deadlines for submission.

Counselors and Advisers Bulletin

Every month from August through June, UC issues a counselor newsletter with current UC admissions and financial aid news  and information. 

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Additional resources

A-G resources

On UC's A-G Course List website, students and counselors can search an up-to-date list of approved A-G courses at California high schools.

More comprehensive information on everything A-G, from developing an A-G or CTE course to updating your course list, can be found in the A-G Policy Resource Guide maintained by UC's high school articulation unit. The Policy Resource Guide also includes information about online courses and publishers.


Get the full lineup of each campus' major offerings. Be sure to review all available majors, including those that are currently closed.

Paying for UC

We have tools that nearly all students and families can use to help finance a UC eduation, from financial aid to payment plans and tax credits.

UC High School Profile (for non-California high schools)

High schools outside of California can use the UC High School Profile tool to provide school information for UC campuses to use in evaluating applications from nonresident students