Filling out the application

Get ready to start your journey to the best public university system in the world—with just one application.

Quick tips

Apply to more than one UC campus.

This will significantly increase your chances of being admitted to the UC system. While you may not receive an offer of admission from your first-choice campus, all of our campuses—without exception—provide outstanding opportunities for you to learn and grow.

Submit only one application per term.

Submitting multiple applications will cause a processing delay. Duplicate applications will be canceled. 

Apply on time.

You can fill out the application in as many sessions as you want. Just remember to submit it by November 30 (for the fall term).

The UC application

Here is a quick overview of the application. 

Starting the application

Create an account

An email address and password are required in order to create an account. You should use the email account you use for all applications, just to make it easier to remember. We also recommend you use a non-school issued email account (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo). Campuses send important, time-sensitive correspondence to applicants, so you should check your email regularly (including your spam folders).

Selecting term & level

After you create an account, you’ll need to select the term you’re applying for (when you hope to start at UC) and your applicant level (e.g. freshman, transfer, etc.).

Please note: You're a freshman applicant if you're currently in high school OR have graduated from high school, but have not enrolled in a regular session (fall, winter or spring) at a college or university. (If you've completed college courses during high school, through the summer after graduation, you're still considered a freshman applicant.)

Saving information

You should click “Save & continue” at the bottom of each page to save any entered information (there is a 20-minute inactivity period after which the application will automatically sign you out). If you’ve successfully completed a page (answered all required questions), the page will be marked with a checkmark in the navigation bar on the right-hand side.


About you

This first section has several pages asking for information about you and your family. You may need to ask your parents or legal guardians for help on these questions—that’s OK! 

Campuses & majors

This is where you’ll select which campuses you’re applying to and the majors you’re interested in. If you aren’t sure what you want to major in yet, you can choose “Undecided” or “Undeclared.”

Academic history

Here you'll enter the courses and grades from all schools you've attended while in high school. If you took high school-level math or language other than English in middle school (7th and 8th grades), you will have a chance to report those courses and grades in this section.

Make sure you refer to your transcripts (or academic records) as you fill out any information—don't enter information from your memory. It's important to report all of your schools, courses and grades exactly as they would appear on official transcripts or academic records.

Test scores

ACT & SAT: UC will not consider SAT or ACT test scores when making admissions decisions or awarding scholarships. They may be used as an alternative method of fulfilling minimum requirements for eligibility or for course placement after you enroll. Note: SAT and ACT scores may only be reported in your application post-submission. 

SAT Subject Tests: These tests have been discontinued as of 2021. If you have Subject Test scores from previous years, they maybe be used as an alternative method of fulfilling minimum requirements for eligibility. Note: SAT Subject Test scores may only be reported in your application post-submission. 

AP, IB , English proficiency and International exams: You will be asked about each of these exams on separate pages in the test score section. You’ll need to report your scores if you’ve already taken an exam or indicate if you’re planning on taking an exam in the future.

Activities & awards

This is your opportunity to tell us about what you're most proud of outside the classroom. We're looking for quality, not quantity—so make sure to focus on the activities and awards that are most important to you.

You’ll need to classify each activity/award as one of six categories: Award or honor, Educational preparation programs (any programs that have enriched your academic experiences or helped you prepare for college), Extracurricular activity, Other coursework (courses other than those required for UC admission/courses that do not fit in UC’s A-G subject areas), Volunteering/Community service and Work Experience.

Scholarships & programs

You should select any and all scholarship categories that apply to you (there’s no limit on the number of scholarships you can select). You can also indicate if you’re interested in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), which provides support services when you’re at UC.

Personal insight

This is the section where you’ll need to answer the personal insight questions. You’ll have 8 questions to choose from, and you must respond to only 4 of your choosing.

Learn more about the personal insight questions

Use the additional comments field if there are issues you'd like to address that you didn't have the opportunity to discuss elsewhere on the application. This shouldn't be an essay, but rather a place to note unusual circumstances or anything that might be unclear in other parts of the application. You're welcome to use this section to note extraordinary circumstances related to COVID-19, if necessary. 

Review & submit

This is the last page you’ll visit before you start submitting the application. If you have remaining items to complete, you will see a “To Do” next to that section. Don't forget to make sure your application is complete before you submit it; very few changes can be made after submission. 

Submitting the application 

You’ll go through a few pages asking you to confirm your academic information and whether you’d like to share your application information with certain people or groups (e.g. scholarship agencies, parents/guardians, counselors, etc.). You'll also need to pay your application fees (either by check/mail or credit card) and can apply for a fee waiver if you didn’t automatically qualify for one earlier in the application. The fee waiver will cover your application fees for up to four campuses. 


Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll see a confirmation page with important reminders and your UC Application ID Number which is used to access the various campus student portals and, in many cases, to access your admission decisions. You can choose to print a receipt of your application fees or view and print the entire application.