Health care & insurance

The acquisition of health insurance is a condition of registration for all UC students.

Health insurance policies and costs vary from campus to campus. Generally, campus insurance plans will be more cost effective than other plans available in the U.S. market.

Each campus has a Student Health Service — a complete outpatient health center for students providing medical, mental health, and preventive care. But because you may need medical care beyond that provided through outpatient services, you must have adequate health insurance coverage.

If you plan to purchase a health insurance policy in your home country, first check with your campus to be sure that they will accept it and allow you to waive the campus insurance policy.

International students with dependents should ask their campus if dependent insurance is available and how much it costs.

J-1 visa health insurance requirements

Students entering the U.S. with a J-1 (or exchange visitor) visa must have complete health insurance coverage that includes the cost of repatriation and medical evacuation. Any dependents must also have this health insurance.

Failure to maintain complete insurance coverage will lead to the loss of J status and the right to remain in the United States.

Medical records

You are advised to bring a medical history with you describing previous illnesses and/or surgery, as some campuses may require this information prior to enrollment. Be sure to bring records of all immunizations, including those received in childhood, for yourself and all family members coming with you.

If you have ever had tuberculosis (or scars appearing on your chest X-rays) or other serious infectious diseases, be sure to have thorough medical studies made before coming to UC. You should have these reports upon your arrival at UC.

Dental care

Since dental costs in the United States tend to be considerably higher than in other countries, you are advised to have any necessary dental work done in your home country.