2024-25 Financial Aid Calculator

The systemwide Financial Aid Calculator provides a simple way for you to estimate the amount of gift aid (grants and scholarships) you could receive, assuming you apply for all aid programs for which you are eligible. It also provides an estimate of your net costs (estimated total cost of attendance minus estimated gift aid eligibility). Net costs can be covered by other types of aid, like federal work-study, student loans and parent loans.

Remember, the calculator provides an estimate, the results are not exact. 

It will be helpful to refer to these documents before you use the calculator:

  • Federal income tax returns from two years ago, filed by you or your parents/spouse as applicable. For the 2024-25 estimator use 2022 tax return information. 

  • 2022 W-2 forms and/or pay stubs with year-to-date information for you and/or your parents/spouse as applicable.

  • For married students, references to “student” tax information also include any earnings from your spouse.

Nonresidents can use this calculator to view the estimated average cost of attendence for their chosen campus. Nonresidents who are eligible for federal financial aid can use the federal student aid estimator for an estimate of federal Pell grant eligibility.