Transfer Pathways

Know your major but want to keep your campus options open? Then a UC Transfer Pathway could be the route for you.

Transfer Pathways give you a roadmap to prepare for your major and graduate on time from any UC campus. Find out which community college courses you need to complete for a specific Transfer Pathway with UC's Transfer Pathways Guide.

Available majors

Here are all the majors included in the Transfer Pathways:

If there isn't a Pathway for your chosen major, or the campus you want isn't listed in the Pathway for your major, don’t worry. You can still apply through the normal channels.

More campuses, more chances

The Transfer Pathways can help students who want to make themselves competitive across the UC system; some majors listed may want fewer courses for admission, but none will expect more. It’s a smart move to apply for multiple campuses to improve your chances of getting in.

Pathways +

While you’re here, take a look at our new Pathways+ program. It means you can apply for a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) at one campus, while also preparing for other campuses. Giving you even more paths to UC.