Pathways+ is the best way to prepare for success at UC. You can even get a guaranteed place.

The basics

Get ready

Take the guesswork out of preparing for UC by completing one of our Transfer Pathways – a single set of major prerequisite courses that prepare you for the most sought-after majors at UC.

Get in

Apply to get a guaranteed place at one of our campuses with a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG). You can still apply to as many other campuses as you want.

Graduate sooner

Pathways+ gives you a head start when you get to UC. Which means you’ll arrive at UC ready to succeed, graduate on time and jumpstart your future. 

Preparing for Pathways+

See if your major is a Transfer Pathway

If you’re a California community college student interested in transferring to UC and you’ve already decided on your major, the Pathways+ program might be right for you. See if your major is one of our Transfer Pathways and take the required community college courses to prepare for your major. Not only will you have clear guidance on what courses you need to take, but you’ll have a competitive edge to get into any UC campus and be well-positioned to succeed once you get here.  

Learn more about Transfer Pathways »

Figure out which UC campuses are right for you – and guarantee your spot to one of them.

Once you have a better idea of which campuses you want to apply to, see if there’s a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) offered in your Transfer Pathways major. Six of our nine undergrad campuses (all but UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UC San Diego) have guaranteed admission for students who meet certain course requirements and a specific GPA.

Keep this GPA in mind ­– once you know which campus you want to TAG to, you’ll need to meet or exceed that GPA requirement as part of Pathways+. 

And don’t worry about having to take extra courses for your major. The coursework for a Transfer Pathway major satisfies the course requirements for a TAG in the same major.

Learn more about TAG »

Don’t forget about UC’s minimum requirements

In addition to the Transfer Pathway coursework, you’ll need to fulfill minimum requirements (sometimes called the 7-course pattern) expected of all transfer applicants to UC. Many of these courses overlap with the Transfer Pathways. 

How to apply

1.  Sign up for the UC Transfer Admission Planner

You can enter all your community college courses into the Transfer Admission Planner as soon as you enroll at community college. Think of the planner as your one-stop academic organizer to help you keep track of your courses and your progress toward meeting Pathways+ requirements (you can also let us know you’re interested in the Pathways+ program in the planner).

Plus, the Transfer Admission Planner doubles as your application for TAG.

2.  Submit a TAG to one campus (September 1–30 for fall term; May 1–31 for the winter/spring term)

Once you’re ready to apply to UC (typically, the year before you plan on enrolling at UC), you can submit a TAG to one campus through the Transfer Admission Planner.

A TAG is non-binding, which means you’re not locked in to committing to the TAG campus once you’re admitted.

3.  Submit the regular application for undergraduate admissions (Nov. 1–Nov. 30)

In addition to submitting the TAG, you’ll also need to complete the undergrad admissions application. When selecting the campuses & majors you’re applying to, you’ll need to select the TAG campus and any other UC campuses you’re interested in attending.


Transferring to UC is about making the right choices for you, whether you’re just beginning at community college or already taking classes for your major. Pathways+ might be right for you if your major is one of our Transfer Pathways, and you want to be competitive for multiple UC’s while guaranteeing your spot at one of six campuses offering TAG. You get the academic preparation and guidance you need to be a strong applicant, plus the security of knowing you have a guaranteed place at UC.

If your major isn’t one of our Transfer Pathways, you won’t be able to participate in Pathways+. But there’s good news: You can still guarantee your spot to one of six UC campuses through our TAG program. Learn more about TAG »

You’ll still need to meet UC’s minimum requirements, take major preparation courses and complete other required coursework depending on your major and the UC campuses you’re applying to. Here are some helpful tips on preparing to transfer to UC »

If your major is part of our Transfer Pathways and you’re interested in applying to UC Berkeley, UCLA and UC San Diego, Pathways+ is a good option. By completing Pathways+ and achieving a strong GPA, you’ll be a competitive applicant for multiple UC’s, including these three campuses, and you’ll also have the reassurance of securing your spot at one of our six TAG campuses.   

The minimum GPA requirement is specified by the TAG campus you’re applying to (which can range from a 2.8 to a 3.6). But it’s a good idea to do your best to achieve a strong GPA to be a competitive applicant across the UC system.

Yes, you can do a TAG without doing Pathways+. If your major isn’t one of the Transfer Pathways, this might be your best option if you want guaranteed admission to one of the six TAG campuses.  

Pathways+ is a new transfer option, but it is not replacing the original TAG program. The six TAG campuses will continue to offer TAGs in a wide range of majors, including majors that are not part of the Transfer Pathways. If you decide to TAG to a campus, you’ll need to complete the TAG requirements at the TAG campus you’re applying to in order to qualify for a guarantee.

Yes, you can complete a Transfer Pathway without doing Pathways+; however, we encourage you to consider Pathways+ to get the added bonus of guaranteed admission. Transfer Pathways is still the best route to prepare for your major across the system, for all UC campuses. If you do Pathways+, you also get the security of knowing you have a guaranteed spot at a one of the six UCs that offer TAGs.

Yes. The UCTP Associate’s Degree in Chemistry or Physics is an extension of Pathways+. The degrees, which are created by the community colleges, include the major preparation outlined in the UC Transfer Pathway for Chemistry or Physics. As with Pathways+, in order to secure an admission guarantee in Chemistry or Physics, students must:

  • Complete the Transfer Pathway,
  • Meet or exceed the required campus-based TAG GPA (campuses vary in a range of 2.8 - 3.4 GPA minimums)
  • Submit a TAG application by September 30, and
  • Apply for admission by November 30.

In addition to the benefits of the Pathways+ option, students completing the UCTP Associate’s Degree in Chemistry or Physics will earn an AS degree from their respective community college. Note: UC does not require an Associate’s Degree for transfer.