Understanding the basics

Who can participate in the Dual Admission program?

Freshman applicants are selected for Dual Admission. If you received the invitation, you’ve been selected for UC Dual Admission!

What are the benefits of participating in the Dual Admission program?

Dual Admission is a conditional admission guarantee to a UC campus with a Transfer Admission Guarantee program. Participants are offered extra support from UC while they fulfill their transfer requirements.

Why does UC have Dual Admission?

UC is committed to supporting and expanding access to UC. The Dual Admission program is designed to help applicants become students!

Getting started

Follow these steps to get started. 

  1. Accept your offer. Congratulations! To accept your offer, opt-in to the UC Dual Admission program by the deadline through your UC application.

  2. Choose your UC campus and fulfill that school’s Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) requirements. 

  3. Enroll in a California community college. Use CCC Apply to enroll in any California community college. Attend your college’s orientation to learn about the resources available to you as a student.

  4. Create a UC Transfer Admission Planner (UC TAP) account. We will use the UC TAP tool to communicate with you about the Dual Admission program. Be sure to use the same email address for UC TAP that you used on your UC application.

  5. Update UC TAP each academic term. Keep UC TAP updated each term by entering your courses and grades earned. Use this information to track your progress towards fulfilling your TAG requirements. An up-to-date UC TAP is an essential advising tool for UC campuses to support you in your transfer journey.

  6. Apply to transfer to UC! The Dual Admission program will provide you with support for three years. But don’t worry, you can always apply to transfer after the three-year window. UC has lots of other programs that can support you.

Financial aid

Did you know that UC has one of the most generous financial aid programs in the country? When you enroll in the Dual Admission program, you’ll have access to our financial aid calculator, designed to help you know how much financial aid you can expect. 

Be sure to complete your FAFSA or California Dream Act Application when you enroll at your California Community College. You’ll need to apply for financial aid each year you’re in school, and to receive the maximum consideration you’ll want to complete your financial aid application each year by the priority deadline of April 2.

Learn more about applying for financial aid at UC ››


UC Transfer Admission Planner (UC TAP) – An online tool designed for California community college students to track and plan their transfer to the University of California.

ASSIST - An online information system that helps students find community college courses that are transferable to a UC campus and how those courses might be used to satisfy admission, general education and major preparation coursework.

UC Transfer Pathways - A single set of major preparation courses you can take before transferring to one of UC’s nine undergraduate campuses. Available for the most sought-after majors systemwide.


It’s simple. We think you have the potential to transfer to UC, and we want to provide you with resources that can help you on your transfer path.

This program requires students to enroll at community college after they complete high school. If you meet the enrollment requirement within the period of your three-year agreement, you don’t have to be enrolled full time for each term in order to transfer. You may choose to take a gap year, but participation in this program requires that you enroll at a community college the fall after you finish high school.

You’ll have access to support and advising to help you succeed as a community college student. Starting in your first term as a community college student, you’ll have access to direct admission advising from UC and invitations to UC campuses and events.

UC Dual Admission students will have access to support from all UC campuses as they prepare to transfer. However, the Transfer Admission Guarantee is only available at some UC campuses.

Yes, you will need to pick a major at one of the TAG campuses. However, you can change your major to another major if it is available at your TAG campus. If you choose to change your major, be sure to let your TAG campus know right away as you may need to take specific classes to prepare for your new chosen major.

If you change your selected campus, you will no longer be enrolled in the UC Dual Admission program. However, you can still apply to any UC campus you choose. The UC Dual Admission program is not a binding agreement. It is a supportive program designed to help you get to UC.

You’ll have three years to transfer to your chosen UC campus as part of the UC Dual Admission guarantee.

This program requires selected students to enroll and transfer from a California community college. Attending another college or university is a great opportunity but does not meet the criteria for this program.

We cannot extend additional invitations to the Dual Admission program. However, you can connect with other UC transfer programs and resources.