A university of trailblazers

42% of UC undergrads are the first in their families to earn a degree.

Our freshman admission requirements

Admission as a freshman takes into account a number of factors, including specific courses you completed in high school and your grades in those courses. 

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Our transfer admission requirements

If you’re transferring to UC, it pays to plan ahead. That way, you can make sure you meet our entry requirements, and prepare for your major and general education courses, too.

Transfer Pathways: Your roadmap to UC's top majors

If you've decided on a major but want to keep your campus options open, try following a UC Transfer Pathway - a single set of major prerequisite courses you can take that will transfer to any of UC's campuses.

International students: California is calling

We’re proud to welcome international students from a diverse mix of countries, cultures and ethnicities. Depending on what you’ve already studied, you’ll either apply as a freshman or a transfer student.

UC campuses are among the world’s best

See how UC campuses rose to the top in two global rankings