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The June 20, 2020 UC Analytical Writing Placement Exam (AWPE) will be offered online, replacing the May 9th AWPE that was cancelled. Learn more about the exam >

Write well at UC.

Writing effectively is an important part of the undergraduate experience. The Entry Level Writing Requirement is designed to ensure you are prepared to succeed at any UC campus.

How do I satisfy the Entry Level Writing Requirement?

There are multiple ways of satisfying the Entry Level Writing Requirement–through qualifying test scores and grades or by passing the Analytical Writing Placement Exam given each May. The 2020 exam will be held on Saturday May 9th for incoming freshmen currently attending high school in California.

What’s on the Analytical Writing Placement Exam?

The two hour exam asks you to read a prose passage and then write an essay in response to prompts based on the passage’s content.

What do I need for exam day?

Report at 9 a.m. to your assigned test center and bring a photo ID, your test notification letter and a few pens. The test notification letter showing your assigned test location is considered your ticket of admission for the exam.

How do I pay for the exam?

If your UC admission application fee was waived, the AWPE exam fee will be waived as well. Otherwise, the exam fee payment of $110 should be made online prior to the test date. An additional $10 late fee is added if you pay after the exam date.

Any questions?

Contact the help desk with questions, concerns or requests for accommodations.