Major preparation

Most UC campuses do not accept undeclared transfer students. That's why it's critical for students to choose a major early and to take all the appropriate — and required — coursework.

Major-preparation requirements specify the courses students must take during their first two years of college to prepare for advanced study in their major. The courses may be required as part of the major, be prerequisites for other courses that are required as part of the major or be required to gain admission to the major.

Performance counts.

Transfer applicants are evaluated, in part, on the basis of their performance in major preparation coursework, so it is important that they investigate the requirements for their intended major as soon as possible. If their major requires mathematics and science, it is especially important that they complete those prerequisites before they transfer. Lack of preparatory coursework may affect their admission to their major, particularly if there are many applicants and a limited number of spaces.

Start early.

Students should begin coursework in their major as soon as they have selected one. If they are applying for fall admission, the campus may require them to complete certain major-preparation requirements by the end of the preceding spring term.

Transfer preparation paths

Major preparation paths help students identify coursework that will help them prepare for our most popular majors at multiple UC campuses. The paths summarize the requirements and major-preparation coursework for similar majors at each campus and highlight the common requirements shared by a majority of UC campuses.

Students can start preparing for majors even if they're unsure which UC campus they'll want to attend — being well-prepared for more than one campus can help ensure that students have options.

Answers at ASSIST

Students can use ASSIST's Exploring Majors feature to find programs of study at all UC campuses. Students planning to attend a California community college can also use the ASSIST website to review transferable course information, investigating how their community college coursework will apply when transferred to UC.


Look at the campus catalogs for a full listing of available majors.