General education

For freshman applicants

If a student scores high enough on the writing section of the SAT Reasoning Test, do they still have to take UC's Analytical Writing Placement Examination (AWPE)?

A student who scores 680 or higher on the writing section of the SAT Reasoning Test (last administered January 2016) has satisfied UC's entry-level writing requirement. For additional ways in which this requirement may be met prior to enrollment at the university, see additional requirements.

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How can a student satisfy UC’s American History and Institutions (AH&I) requirement?

For information on satisfying UC’s American History and Institutions requirement, see additional requirements.

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For transfer applicants

Is it correct that UC does not want to see community college students take more than 70 units before transferring to UC?

Transfer students may take as many freshman/sophomore level (also known as lower-division) courses as they wish. UC will count only 70 semester/105 quarter units toward graduation, and will grant subject credit for all UC-transferable courses. All UC-transferable units/grades will be calculated into the applicant’s GPA for admission selection consideration.

View more information on limits to lower-division transfer credit (pdf).

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May students who have completed coursework outside the United States use those courses to satisfy the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) requirements?

Coursework completed outside the United States cannot be used to satisfy any portion of IGETC except area 6A, language other than English. Students who have completed a substantial amount of coursework outside the United States should be encouraged to satisfy the general education requirements for the UC campus and program to which they plan to apply, rather than IGETC.

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May a transfer student attend UC part-time?

Undergraduates who wish to attend the University on a part-time basis must obtain permission from the dean of the school or college on the campus they will be attending. In general, the university encourages students to attend full-time.

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Is there a website where transfer students can track their progress for admission to UC?

Students can track their progress on preparing to transfer to UC by using the UC Transfer Admission Planner (UC TAP). More information can be found on the UC TAP website.

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If an engineering student who is not planning to complete the IGETC requirements takes a critical thinking course P/NP, will this course apply to the campus breadth requirement?

The course would be generally transferable if the student has not taken more than the 14 semester units allowed for P/NP, but campus general education requirements may or may not specifically have a critical thinking course requirement. Check the campus’ general catalog.

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If a student failed one term of high school language other than English but completed the second term of the second year successfully, will the language other than English requirement for IGETC be satisfied?

As long as the student completed the final term of the second year with a grade of C or better, it is assumed that the student has attained the required level of knowledge and IGETC area 6 (proficiency in a language other than English) can be satisfied.

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What is the IGETC requirement for clearing language other than English for a student who attended an institution outside the United States where the language of instruction was not English?

If the student completed, with grades of C or better, two years of formal schooling at the sixth-grade level or higher in an institution where the language of instruction was not English, language other than English proficiency can be certified for IGETC without further evaluation.

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Should students in high-unit majors (such as engineering and biology) be advised to pursue IGETC or focus on major prep?

Generally, students in high-unit majors should be advised to start their lower-division major preparation as early as possible so they can graduate in a timely manner after transferring. See specific campus recommendations for the high-unit majors. If a student has room in their schedule, it is a good idea to take some IGETC or breadth courses in addition to major preparation.

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