AP credits

UC grants credit for all College Board Advanced Placement tests on which a student scores 3 or higher.

Units awarded toward UC graduation may be granted for specific subjects and/or for general education/breadth requirements, as determined by each campus.

AP exams can also be used to meet the minimum transfer admission subject requirements in English, Math and 4 other courses chosen from the humanities, behavorial/social sciences and biological/physical sciences.

Please encourage students to take AP tests when appropriate. Although the College Board reports all AP tests results to us, students should be aware AP test scores lower than 3 will not adversely affect their chances for admission.

Units granted for AP tests are not counted toward the maximum number of credits required for formal declaration of a major or the maximum number of units a student may accumulate prior to graduation. Students who enter UC with AP credit do not have to declare a major earlier than other students, nor are they required to graduate earlier.

Credit granted for AP tests

(Credit is expressed in quarter units. For Berkeley and Merced, divide total quarter units by 1.5 to convert to semester units.)

UC Eligibility Code: E=English, M=Mathematics, H=Humanities, B=Behavioral and Social Sciences, S=Biological and Physical Sciences

Art, Studio

  • 2-D Design: 8
  • 3-D Design: 8
  • Drawing: 8 
  • (8-unit maximum for all three tests)

Art History (UC-H)

  • 8

Biology (UC-S)

  • 8

Chemistry (UC-S)

  • 8

Computer Science

  • Computer Science A: 2
  • (4-unit maximum; Computer Science AB no longer offered)

Economics (UC-B)

  • Microeconomics: 4  
  • Macroeconomics: 4


  • Language and Composition (UC-E): 8  
  • Literature and Composition (UC-E/H): 8  
  • (8-unit maximum for both tests)

Environmental Science (UC-S)

Government and Politics (UC-B)

  • United States: 4  
  • Comparative: 4 

History (UC-B/H)

  • United States History: 8 
  • European History: 8 
  • World History: 8 

Human Geography (UC-B)

Language Other than English (UC-H)

  • Chinese Language and Culture: 8
  • French Language and Culture: 8
  • German Language and Culture: 8
  • Italian Language and Culture: 8
  • Japanese Language and Culture: 8
  • Spanish Language and Culture: 8
  • Spanish Literature and Culture: 8
  • (Spanish Language no longer offered)

Latin (UC-H)

Mathematics (UC-M)

  • Calculus AB: 4 
  • Calculus BC: 8
  • (8-unit maximum for both tests)

Music Theory (UC-H)

  • (Listening and Literature no longer offered)

Physics (UC-S)

  • Physics B: 8 
  • Physics C Mechanics: 4 
  • Physics C Electricity and Magnetism: 4 
  • (8-unit maximum for all three tests)

Psychology (UC-B)

Statistics (UC-M)

In many cases, satisfaction of subject requirements or credit toward specific requirements also is awarded by the campuses.

At all campuses, a maximum of 8 quarter units are allowed in each of the following areas: Art (Studio), English, Mathematics, Music and Physics. A maximum of 4 quarter units are allowed in Computer Science.

AB subscore on Calculus BC examination

Students who take the Calculus BC examination and earn a subscore of 3 or higher on the Calculus AB portion will receive credit for the Calculus AB examination, even if they do not receive a score of 3 or higher on the BC examination.

Music Theory subscore

We grant credit for the full Music Theory exam. Students who earn only a subscore will not receive exam credit.

Duplication with college courses

Students should be advised that college courses taken before or after attending UC may duplicate AP, IB and/or A-Level examinations. Additionally, exams may duplicate each other (for example, an AP or IB exam in the same subject area).

If the student does duplicate an exam with another exam of the same subject content, and/or an exam with a college course, we will award credit only once.