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Exam essays are evaluated by mid-June. Most of the readers are faculty members drawn from the English departments, writing programs and ESL programs across all nine UC general undergraduate campuses. A small number of readers are high school and community college teachers recommended by Writing Projects on university campuses.

Essays are scored independently by two readers, who measure the essays against the scoring guide. Papers whose scores are two points apart are read a third time, as are those receiving a score of 3 (not passing) and 4 (passing). Papers whose two exam scores add up to 8 or higher (the composite score) satisfy the Entry Level Writing requirement; papers whose composite scores are 6 and below don’t.

If you don’t pass the exam, you’ll still have an opportunity to satisfy the requirement at your UC campus once you’ve enrolled by taking an assigned writing course. You’re encouraged to write well on the AWPE, but be assured that your exam results won’t affect your admission to UC.

The Scoring Guide

The Scoring Guide outlines the characteristics typical of papers at six different levels of competence. Raters assign each essay a score according to its dominant characteristics. Score descriptions take into account that the essays represent two hours of reading and writing, not a more extended period of drafting and revision.