Transfer Pathways

The University of California’s Transfer Pathways identify a single set of lower-division, pre-major preparation courses for UC’s most sought-after majors.

These pathways will be especially helpful to students who know (or have a general idea) of a major they would like to study, but have not decided which UC campuses they would like to apply to.

The Transfer Pathways cover the following majors:

Streamlined coursework

Each pathway outlines the set of courses students should take to be competitive for the most sought-after majors found at every UC campus. Some campuses may want fewer courses for admission, but none will expect more. In addition, campuses may have grade requirements for particular courses, but with this roadmap, students will know which classes to take to prepare for all campuses in a single major.

While following a pathway doesn’t guarantee admission to UC, a student who completes these pre-major courses and general education courses with a satisfactory GPA would be well-prepared for junior-level transfer to UC in that major and well-positioned to graduate on time.

No pathway for a major?

If there isn’t a pathway for a major, we’re encouraging students to find campus-specific major preparation information on ASSIST or the campus catalogs.

Counselor resources

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Need some background?

In 2014, President Napolitano and other UC leaders pledged to make the transfer process easier for California community college students to navigate.

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