Transfer advising & planning

We strongly recommend that transfer students start thinking about UC admission requirements the moment they begin their community college education.

How to prepare

Focused planning is key to gaining admission. Prospective transfer applicants should plan their coursework carefully. While working to meet the minimum admission requirements for transfer, they should also select courses that prepare them for upper-division study in their major or fulfill recommended general education requirements.

Major preparation

Encourage your students to thoroughly research which of UC's majors best fit their particular career goals. Rarely do UC campuses accept undeclared transfer students.


General education and IGETC

Understand IGETC (the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) and why it may — or may not — be a smart path for students to follow.


Transferring credit

Review how UC determines transferable credits and which credits do or do not count.


Majors database

The Explore Majors feature in ASSIST is not yet available, but you can use the temporary Transfer Major Explorer search tool hosted on the Los Medanos College website to see majors that are available for transfer at California public higher education institutions, including UC campuses. The Transfer Major Explorer also provides links to campus websites for each major. These sites have information that will help you understand the emphasis of the major on that campus.