Transfer admission

Gaining admission into the UC system as a transfer student requires careful planning. But it can be done.

In fact, nearly 30 percent of UC undergraduates are transfer students. And studies prove that they do just as well academically as students who enter as freshmen.

Because admission to a number of our campuses is extremely competitive, transfer students must fulfill our minimum admission requirements and, in many cases, exceed them by large margins. Putting students on the right path early will help them avoid surprises as they work toward their degrees.

Minimum admission requirements 

Learn what students have to do to be considered for admission.


Transfer advising & planning

Review major preparation, transferring credits and the IGETC curriculum.


Comprehensive review

Find out the factors UC campuses weigh when choosing among qualified applicants.


Transfer class profiles 

Look at the campus profiles of admitted transfer students.


Transfer Admission Guarantee

Understand what it takes to be guaranteed admission to UC.


Helping students apply 

Explore ways to help students navigate the application process.


Who is a transfer applicant?

A transfer applicant is a student who has enrolled in a regular session at a college or university after high school. Students who meet this definition cannot disregard their college records and apply as freshmen.

A student who attends a college summer program immediately after graduating from high school or who has completed college work while in high school is still considered a freshman applicant.

CCC Transfer articulation officers

For information on developing and submitting TCAs, visit UC’s transfer articulation site.