Application & admissions site redesign 2019

This summer, we’re excited to announce we’ll be launching a redesign of our undergraduate admissions application and the student-facing section of the admissions website.

We’re announcing these changes now to give you time to familiarize yourself with the changes and see the improvements we’ve made for our users and applicants.

It’s important to note that while we’ve updated the design and functionality of both sites, our admission requirements and the information we collect from students will remain the same.

 As always, we will keep you apprised of any updates to these projects here on this site, as well as via the monthly Counselors and Advisers Bulletin, Ensuring Transfer Success (ETS) and the UC High School Counselor Conferences.  

Project background

Every year, hundreds of thousands of prospective students start their journey to UC by coming through our virtual front doors – the systemwide admissions site and the undergraduate admissions application. While we aim to continually update and improve these properties year to year, we embarked on a multiyear, sweeping reassessment of each to ensure we were meeting students’ expectations. Our research findings led us to redesigning both properties with an emphasis on improving the user experience – including fresh and modern designs, intuitive and easy-to-navigate pages, along with simplified, clearer language.

For more detailed information and FAQs, please see our new pages dedicated to each project:

Undergraduate application redesign

Admissions site redesign

High-level timeline

May 2019: Counselor resources posted on admissions site

June 2019: Student resources posted on admissions site

July 1: Redesigned application available for winter/spring semester 2020 admissions

July: Student side of admissions site launches

Aug. 1: Redesigned application available for fall 2020 admissions