Other types of transfers

Although we give highest priority in transfer admission to California community college students, each year about 10 percent of all transfers enter UC from a four-year college or university.

Transfers from four-year or out-of-state two-year institutions

To get a general idea of whether your courses will transfer to UC, you can compare them to similar courses in a UC campus catalog or to a transfer course agreement (TCA) that UC has with any California community college. For TCAs, visit ASSIST. A formal evaluation of your transcript most likely will not take place until after you have applied.

You'll still need to meet the same minimum admissions requirements as we have for California community college students, and plan to do as much preparation for your major as possible.

Intercampus transfers

After you enroll at a UC campus, it may be possible for you to transfer to another UC campus. Applications for intercampus transfer are considered in light of your personal circumstances and the availability of space in your prospective major.

If you wish to transfer from one UC campus to another, you must submit an application for undergraduate admission during the appropriate filing period.

Keep in mind some campuses do not accept intercampus transfers who have completed more than 120 quarter (80 semester) units.

If you fulfill the lower-division general-education/breadth requirements at a UC campus prior to transferring to another UC campus, the new campus will consider those requirements satisfied.

Campus catalogs

Look at the campus catalogs to compare UC courses with those at your college.