Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum

IGETC is a series of courses that California community college students may complete to satisfy the lower-division breadth/general education requirements at both UC and the California State University.


UC has developed an agreement with each California community college that specifies which of its courses may be applied to each category of IGETC.

If you choose to follow IGETC, you must complete it before you transfer. Otherwise you will be required to satisfy the specific lower-division general education requirements of your UC college or school.

All IGETC coursework does not have to be completed at the same college, and provisions for partial IGETC completion are available. Courses taken at more than one California community college may be used to fulfill IGETC. Coursework may only be applied in the area or category it was approved for in the IGETC agreement at the community college where it was completed.

IGETC is most helpful to students who want to keep their options open — those who know they want to transfer but have not yet decided upon a particular institution, campus or major.

If you have an area of study in mind, visit the Explore Majors section at the ASSIST website and click on prompts to identify the majors for which IGETC is recommended. The major preparation paths also include IGETC guidance for some of UC's most popular majors.

Students in some majors will not be well served by following IGETC. If you intend to transfer into a major that requires extensive lower-division preparation, such as engineering or the biological, physical and natural sciences, you should concentrate on completing the many prerequisites for the major that the college screens for to determine eligibility for admission. See the campus guidance section below for specific recommendations.

IGETC is not an admissions requirement. Completing it is not required, nor does it guarantee admission to the campus or program of choice. However, completing the lower-division breadth/general education requirements  through IGETC or the campus-specific requirements (depending upon the program) — may improve your chances for admission to a competitive campus and/or program.

IGETC subject and unit requirement

Subject area

Required courses

Units required

1. English Communication

One course in English composition and one course in critical thinking/English composition. Students transferring to CSU also must take a course in oral communication.

2 courses

Students intending to transfer to CSU are required to take an additional course in oral communication and do not need to demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English.

6 semester units or 8-10 quarter units

2. Mathematical Concepts and Quantitative Reasoning

1 course

3 semester units or 4-5 quarter units

3. Arts and Humanities

Three courses with at least one from the arts and one from the humanities

3 courses

9 semester units or 12-15 quarter units

4. Social and Behavioral Sciences

Three courses from at least two disciplines, or an interdisciplinary sequence

3 courses

9 semester units or 12-15 quarter units

5. Physical and Biological Sciences

One physical science course and one biological science or course, at least one of which includes a laboratory

2 courses

7-9 semester units or 9-12 quarter units

6. Language Other than English *

Proficiency equivalent to two years of high school courses in the same language. Not required of students transferring to CSU.




11 courses*

34 semester units

GPA requirement

IGETC courses must be completed with a grade of C or better. A grade of Credit or Pass may be used if the community college's policy states it is equivalent to a grade of C or better.

Applying courses and AP exams

An acceptable score on an Advanced Placement (AP) test can be applied to IGETC. To see how these exams can be applied to IGETC certification, please visit

Courses and exams may be used only once to satisfy one IGETC subject area, even if they are listed in your college's course agreements under more than one subject area. The only exception is Language Other Than English (LOTE). Courses may be used to satisfy both IGETC and major requirements.


Only California community colleges may certify completion of IGETC. Certification of IGETC completion is the responsibility of the last California community college you attend prior to transfer (with the exception of summer session), although upon request, a college other than the last one attended may also certify.

International students

If you have completed substantial coursework from institutions outside the United States, consult a counselor to determine whether you should complete IGETC or the lower-division breadth/general education requirements at the campus you plan to attend.

Campus guidance


Colleges of Chemistry and Engineering
In general, IGETC is not appropriate.

College of Environmental Design
IGETC is acceptable with full certification to fulfill CED's breadth requirements.

College of Letters and Science
Either IGETC or the college's requirements are acceptable.

College of Natural Resources
IGETC is acceptable; however, specific lower division major requirements must still be satisfied.

Haas School of Business
IGETC is not accepted.


All undergraduate colleges accept IGETC. However, Bachelor of Science degrees and high-unit majors often have many courses for lower-division preparation; in these cases, IGETC is not recommended and the UC Davis general education pattern is the better choice.


All Schools accept IGETC. However, selection by the campus is based on demonstrated academic achievement and preparation for the intended major.

Los Angeles

All Schools accept IGETC except The Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science.


School of Engineering and School of Natural Sciences
IGETC is not recommended.

School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts
IGETC is recommended, and students are encouraged to complete as much lower-division major preparation as possible prior to transfer.


College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
IGETC is recommended.

College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
IGETC is not accepted.

The Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering
IGETC is accepted; some additional coursework may be required after enrollment.

School of Business Administration
IGETC is required.

San Diego

John Muir, Earl Warren, Thurgood Marshall and Sixth Colleges
IGETC is accepted.

Eleanor Roosevelt and Revelle Colleges
IGETC is accepted; some additional coursework may be required after enrollment.

Santa Barbara

College of Creative Studies and College of Letters and Science
IGETC is accepted.

College of Engineering
Students are encouraged to focus on major preparation rather than general education. IGETC may be used to substitute for most general education requirements. However, some additional coursework may be required after enrollment to complete the depth requirement if not satisfied during IGETC certification.

Santa Cruz

For majors in the physical and biological sciences or the Jack Baskin School of Engineering, IGETC is not recommended. Students should ensure completion of lower-division courses for their intended major.

Answers at ASSIST

If you have an area of study in mind, use the Explore Majors feature in ASSIST and click on prompts to identify the majors for which IGETC is recommended.