Campus guidance for IGETC


College of Chemistry
Completion of the IGETC is not required. However, when completed by the end of the spring term before transferring to UC Berkeley, IGETC is accepted in satisfaction of the English Reading and Composition Requirement and the Foreign Language Requirement. However, IGETC does not necessarily satisfy the entire breadth requirement.

College of Engineering
IGETC offered at California community colleges is not accepted as completion of breadth.

College of Environmental Design
Completion of IGETC from a California community college will meet general education requirements.

College of Letters and Science
Either IGETC or the college's requirements (reading and composition, quantitative reasoning and language other than English) are acceptable. Completion of IGETC will satisfy the college’s entire breadth requirements.

College of Natural Resources
IGETC does not fully satisfy lower-division requirements for CNR majors. For some majors, IGETC does satisfy certain breadth requirements. You may find that you have to take fewer courses overall if you just focus on fulfilling a specific major’s lower-division requirements.

Haas School of Business
IGETC is not accepted.


All undergraduate colleges accept IGETC. However, Bachelor of Science degrees and high-unit majors often have many lower-division prerequisites; in these cases, IGETC is not recommended and the UC Davis general education pattern is the better choice.


All Schools accept IGETC.

Los Angeles

All Schools accept IGETC. However, completion of IGETC is not required/encouraged for students applying to the School of Engineering; engineering students are instead encouraged to focus on lower-division major preparation prior to transfer.


School of Engineering
IGETC is strongly discouraged but is accepted; students are encouraged to focus on lower-division major preparation prior to transfer. 

School of Engineering
IGETC is not recommended but is accepted; students are encouraged to focus on lower-division major preparation prior to transfer. 

School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts
IGETC is recommended, and students are encouraged to complete as much lower-division major preparation as possible prior to transfer.


College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
IGETC is recommended.

College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
IGETC is not accepted.

The Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering
IGETC is acceptable; some additional coursework may be required after enrollment.

School of Business Administration
IGETC is required.

San Diego

John Muir, Earl Warren, Eleanor Roosevelt, Thurgood Marshall and Sixth Colleges
IGETC clears all lower-division GE requirements; some upper-division courses required after enrollment.

Revelle College
IGETC does not clear all lower-division GE requirements. Students with IGETC are required to complete 3 courses in mathematics and 5 courses in natural science before transfer or while enrolled at UCSD.

Santa Barbara

College of Creative Studies and College of Letters and Science
IGETC is acceptable.

College of Engineering
Students are encouraged to focus on major preparation rather than GE but may use IGETC to substitute for most GE requirements. However, additional coursework may be required after enrollment to complete the depth requirement if not satisfied during IGETC certification. 

Please note: Students planning to transfer to UCSB into a major in biological or physical sciences, economics, engineering, computer science, mathematics, statistics or psychology must be careful to complete lower-division major preparation courses to ensure competitiveness and make normal, timely progress through the major.

Santa Cruz

For majors in engineering and the physical and biological sciences: IGETC is not recommended. Students should ensure completion of lower-division courses for their intended major, as indicated in the UCSC Catalog and on

Answers at ASSIST

If you have an area of study in mind, use the Explore Majors feature in ASSIST and click on prompts to identify the majors for which IGETC is recommended.