Estimating your aid

So how does this all fit together to fund your UC education?

The graph below provides a general illustration of how students with different parent income levels can cover their total costs through a combination of financial aid, parent contributions and student self-help.

The chart below is intended to serve only as a guide to understanding your educational expenses, as cost of attendance and financial aid availability change year to year, campus to campus.

You may notice a few things from the chart above:

  • Students from low-income families and financially independent students are more likely to receive gift aid and larger awards than students from higher-income families.
  • The more gift aid awarded, the less students and parents need to contribute through savings, income or loans.
  • The higher the income level, the higher the expected parent contribution.

Remember, even students without financial need can apply for financial aid. Though over 90% of gift aid received by students is awarded on the basis of need, a large proportion of students at every income level receive some form of gift aid.

Campus calculators

These calculators provide a quick and easy way to estimate the amounts and types of financial aid you might receive, based on your personal information.

The values produced are not the actual amounts you will be offered, and are subject to the availability of funding.