Home-schooled students

Many home-schooled students have been admitted to UC, and are successful and vibrant members of our community.

If you’re completing high school through home schooling, there are a few options for meeting UC admission requirements, depending on your situation. To help find which option is right for you, you should determine if:

  1. Your home schooling courses are UC-approved for satisfying  a-g requirements (for students in California) or are essentially equivalent to UC-approved courses for California high schools (for out-of-state students).
  2. You’re issued an official high school transcript and diploma through a public school district.

If your home schooling does both of these, you should follow the same admission requirements for students in traditional high schools in California. If your home schooling does not meet the two criteria above, your best option for admission is by examination

Even if you can’t meet all of our freshman admission requirements, you may still have a chance to attend UC. Just make sure you let us know about your situation in your answers to the personal insight questions or in the additional comments section of the application.

Tips for the application

Academic history

In the academic history section, you’ll be asked to list all high schools and any colleges/universities you’ve attended, and the diploma or certification you’ll receive.

  • If you took courses through an online provider, a correspondence school or other accredited program, enter the institution's name as your school name, dates of attendance and select the diploma or certificate you’ll receive.
  • Otherwise, you should enter “Home School/Home Study” as your school name and choose either GED or Certificate of Proficiency for diploma/certification (whichever is appropriate).

Personal insight questions

Like all applicants, you’re encouraged to share information in the personal insight questions that would provide context for UC admissions officers reviewing your application. Specifically, we’d like to know about your home-school environment and experience:

  • Why did your family choose home schooling?
  • How is your day structured?
  • What extracurricular activities are you passionate about?

We’re interested not only in your strengths as a scholar, but also your leadership qualities, passions and contributions to your family and community.

Tips on the personal insight questions

Learn more about how to distinguish yourself on the UC application.