UC Santa Barbara

Away from urban pressures, yet deeply involved in the intellectual and cultural issues of our time, the University of California, Santa Barbara, provides a superb learning environment, with a relaxed relationship between faculty and students and all the resources of an internationally recognized research institution.

UCSB fosters a less tradition-bound approach to education, stressing close collaboration between students and instructors across academic lines in small classes.

Academic highlights

Santa Barbara provides a world-class education that is focused on undergraduates and inspired by senior faculty who regularly teach freshman and sophomore classes. Students can work directly with professors in the field or lab, conducting special research projects or completing a senior honors thesis.


Undergraduates at UCSB enroll in one of three colleges:

The College of Letters and Science offers more than 80 majors, including both traditional academic study and a variety of unique, interdisciplinary programs that reflect the long-standing faculty tradition of collaboration and partnership. Biological Sciences, Economics, Global Studies, International Studies, Religious Studies, and Film and Media Studies are popular majors.

The College of Creative Studies offers an alternative approach for students who are ready for advanced, independent work in the arts or sciences. To be admitted to the college, students must demonstrate unusual talent as well as commitment to pursuing independent work at a high level in art, biology, chemistry/biochemistry, computing, mathematics, music composition, physics or writing and literature.

The College of Engineering offers degree programs in Chemical, Computer, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and in Computer Science. Research by the UCSB engineering faculty is at the forefront in materials science, microelectronics and nanotechnology.


Santa Barbara's 1,191-member faculty includes six recent Nobel Prize winners as well as winners of the National Humanities Medal, National Medal of Science and National Medal of Technology. Many UCSB faculty are elected members or fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Clubs and activities

Of the 500 student organizations at UCSB, many spend time in the community on tutoring, animal welfare, food banks, the homeless, the environment and more. Students say the work helps them clarify their life goals.


Men's and women's varsity sports include basketball, cross country, tennis, soccer, swimming and diving, track and field, volleyball and water polo.

Environment and tempo

Located on the Pacific Coast at the foot of the Santa Ynez Mountains, the campus is known for its breathtaking beauty. Most students live in residence halls or in apartments within walking distance of - or a quick bike ride from - campus. In fact, bicycles are the principal mode of transportation in the UCSB community.