UC Merced

From superior facilities and exceptional leadership opportunities to novel approaches to learning, every aspect of UC Merced is designed to promote the success of students through graduation and beyond.

Academic highlights

The extraordinary scholars at UC Merced have developed a strong foundation for academic programs and an exemplary educational environment. An emphasis on research and interactive learning, paired with numerous academic resources, equips students with a competitive edge as they prepare for professional careers and advanced studies.


UC Merced features academic offerings for undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts, the School of Natural Sciences, and the School of Engineering.

The School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts creates an expansive education guided by the belief that doing is the basis for learning and that students need to discover the links between formal academic programs and the world. Professors are specialists in the creative arts, economics, history, linguistics, literature, management, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology and statistics.

Students in the School of Natural Sciences Explore an overview of workings of the universe. Devoted to understanding physical and biological processes, the school offers majors in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Mathematics and Physics.

The School of Engineering exposes students to new technologies that will become their tools to solve complex problems. Fields of study in this school include air pollution, bioengineering, computer science, energy sustainability, hydrology, materials science and mechanical engineering.


Working across disciplines, research at UC Merced takes advantage of the rich, natural laboratory of California's San Joaquin Valley and partnerships with Yosemite National Park and other institutions. Signature research institutes include the Sierra Nevada Research Institute, the Wawona Field Station and the Environmental Analytical Laboratory.

Clubs and activities

For students who want to make their mark on campus traditions, the Office of Student Life offers exceptional opportunities to start new events, contribute to the development of student government, and launch clubs and other organizations that represent the needs and interests of students. Already established cultural, political, athletic, professional and academic clubs reflect the spirit of diversity that is celebrated on campus.

Environment and tempo

In Merced, students will find movie theaters, music and live theater venues, shopping, special events, and an extensive network of bike paths and parks, as well as popular Lake Yosemite, located adjacent to campus. Some of the state's finest natural attractions - Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are favorites - and popular recreational activities, like skiing, snowboarding, white-water rafting, hiking and camping, are all within an easy drive.

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