UC Berkeley

One of the world's leading academic institutions, UC Berkeley attracts the best and brightest applicants, generating an ethnically and culturally diverse student population and providing one of the finest undergraduate learning experiences available.

A place of brimming curiosity and passion for learning, UC Berkeley is truly a prototype of a contemporary university. Cal students have more in common than their strong academic records — they all have demonstrated the potential to add to Berkeley's rich intellectual environment and spirit of pluralism.

Academic highlights


Berkeley's academic programs are recognized internationally for their excellence. More than 7,000 courses and more than 100 undergraduate majors are available in the sciences, humanities, arts, social sciences and natural resources. Students also may design their own undergraduate majors. Nearly 100 freshman and sophomore seminars are offered each semester, featuring small classes on topics of special interest to the professors.

Colleges and schools

The Berkeley campus is divided into 14 colleges and schools, most of which are subdivided into departments. Colleges and schools that offer programs for undergraduates are the Haas School of Business, College of Chemistry, College of Engineering, College of Environmental Design, College of Letters and Science, and College of Natural Resources. The College of Letters and Science is the largest, with more than half the campus's faculty and nearly three-quarters of its undergraduate students.


Even first-year students may find themselves in a classroom with one of Berkeley's 144 members of the National Academy of Sciences, 32 MacArthur fellows, 235 members of the Academy of Arts and Sciences, 13 National Medal of Science awardees or four Pulitzer Prize winners.

Libraries and museums

Berkeley has one of the top university libraries in the nation. With well over 10 million volumes and more than 400 special collections, Berkeley's library holdings are the fourth-largest in North America and have been ranked first in the nation among public libraries by the Association of Research Libraries. In addition to the Doe/Moffitt libraries for undergraduates, some three-dozen subject-specific and affiliated libraries serve schools and programs across campus.

Clubs and activities

With more than 1,200 student organizations, from political parties to the Rubber Band Club, it's easy to get and stay connected.


Cal boasts one of the nation's finest all-around intercollegiate athletic programs with:

  • 30 men’s and women’s intercollegiate squads
  • 85 national team titles in 15 different sports
  • 264 individual national titles won by Cal student-athletes

Environment and tempo

A lush and tranquil oasis in an urban setting, Cal is surrounded by coffeehouses, bookstores, the hills of Tilden Regional Park and the city of Berkeley, one of America's most lively, culturally diverse and politically adventurous municipalities.